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  • Fall 2020 Update 2

    Welcome back, new and returning members!! Whether you are in Davis or back home, we will be holding various online events and selfie challenges the week of 9/28-10/2 and we hope to see you there! Our club info meeting will be on 10/6!

    Here is the welcome week facebook event link. Click interested or going to stay updated!

    Welcome Week Events

    Professional Development: Vision Board Activity

    Wednesday (9/30) 7-8pm

    As the school year starts, join us for a fun and lighthearted Vision Board Activity! You’ll have a safe space to be creative and make a fun display of your reflections, hopes, and goals as we embark on the academic year while getting to meet some new people and share some smiles and laughs on Zoom! Everyone is welcome! We hope to see you there!
    Zoom link:https://ucdavis.zoom.us/j/97211899094?pwd=UThLdURxWnNSMmpvRmMwN2l4Vmd0QT09

    Membership: Skribbl.io Social

    Thursday (10/1) 7-8pm

    Join us for a fun night of skribbl.io! We can’t wait to meet new members and reconnect with returning members!
    Zoom link:

    Service: Happy Rocks & Letter Writing

    Friday (10/2) 4-6pm

    We would love to start the beginning of our school year with a fun and creative service activity called Happy Rocks. You will be able to paint rocks with positive messages and images and place them around your neighborhood to spread love and optimism. If you don’t have the materials to do Happy Rocks, we will also be doing cards of hope, where you will have the opportunity to write letters of encouragement to foster youth! Everyone is welcome! Please fill out the form if you’re interested in attending!
    Interest Form:
    Zoom link:

    Rotaract Info Meeting

    Tuesday (10/6) 7-8pm

    If you are interested in joining our club or just want to learn more about us, we will be holding a zoom info meeting! We hope to see you there!
    Zoom link:

    For welcome week this year we are doing a selfie challenge a day! Everyday of welcome week corresponds to a different theme! A winner will be chosen everyday for a prize and the more you post throughout the week the more chances you have to be the winner of our Welcome Week Selfie Challenge virtual raffle! So make sure to post everyday for chances to win prizes all week long! Winners will be announced at our info meeting on 10/6. Use the hashtags throughout the week and either post on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram, or email our historians at [email protected]!

    For more info on what we have been up to: check out last week’s update here and for more past updates check out our club updates page!

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