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02.17.2016 UPDATE


Here is our weekly CRC Davis meeting recap!
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Hello everyone! If you missed the meeting (every week on Tuesday from 7:10 – 8:00 PM in Wellman 6), you can sign up for events through the links in this newsletter.

Interested in learning more about a directorship or want to help out? Join a COMMITTEE! Sign up HERE and we will contact you!
Remember to join our Facebook group!

If you’re interested in helping plan this year’s Charity Dinner, join the Facebook group here! Or fill out the Google form with which subcommittee(s) you are interested in joining!

Pay and Pick Up Rotaract Sweatshirts: If you preordered a sweatshirt, please pick it up at the next meeting! The cost is $25. We accept cash, check, and venmo. If you didn’t preorder a sweatshirt, we have extras available for sale in size medium.

FACES of 5160: District 5160 wants to know you! Don’t forget to participate in our social media event. Share what your favorite service passion is and send in your photo to [email protected]!

A huge thank you to everyone that came out and helped with our last couple fundraisers! From Blaze we were able to raise $57.31 and an amazing $209 from selling pocky sticks!

#WeeklySelfieChallenge is back! This week show us your inner Assassin. Submit selfies to our FB group, Instagram, or email [email protected]

FRIDAY, 2/19
Yolo County Food Bank, 8:30AM-11:30 AM, 1244 Fortna Ave, Woodland, CA 95776
The Yolo County Food Bank serves families in Yolo County that need the extra support when it comes to their meals. We will be helping perform a series of tasks in their fight against food insecurity. Rides will be provided.

FRIDAY, 2/19
Mondavi: Dave Douglas Quintet, 5PM-9PM, Mondavi Center
Dress up in your favorite white button down shirt and black slacks to help sell concessions at the Mondavi Center! All proceeds raised through this event contribute to our service project. Please either be early or on time; more information in the link below.

Community Harvest of Davis, 9:30AM-2PM, South Davis (exact location TBA)
Help harvest tangelos and other fruits from local trees in Davis so that they can all be donated to the Yolo County Food Bank! Join the fight against food insecurity! Rides will be provided.

District Retreat, Napa Valley
District Retreat is two weeks away! Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to meet other clubs in our district. Spots are still open until Wednesday, February 17! Make sure to pay the $40 by the registration deadline. Rides will be provided.

MONDAY, 2/22
Board Meeting, 10PM, De Carli Room MU 2nd Floor
If you’d like to see how the Board of Directors plan future events and handle club business, come out to our weekly board meeting!

FRIDAY, 2/26
FAF: Scrapbooking, 5PM-7PM, Wellman 106
Every year our club comes together to make a scrapbook filled with all the great memories that happened so far. We use the scrapbook all the time when tabling. Help us with your creativity!

FRIDAY, 2/26
Board Game Night with Rotary, 6:30PM-8PM, Swim America Lounge: 2121 Second Street
Join fellow Rotaractors and Rotarians for a fun board game night. Use this as a chance to meet Rotarians and network, or just have a fun evening of board games! Rides will be provided.

Breakfast with ProDev, 11AM, Fountain Circle Lounge
We’ll have breakfast and fun and games. Come experience different career fields and learn a little about the professional world!

Korematsu PTO Auction, 4:30PM-11PM, Davis Arts Center: 1919 F Street
Rotaract will be helping out Korematsu Elementary School with their biggest fundraiser of the year. Be a volunteer at their silent auction and help support the school! Rides will be provided.

Finance Meeting: Wednesday, 5:10PM-6PM, CoHo

Want to see what it’s like to be a Director of Finance for CRC Davis? Well here’s your chance to get more involved with the club by working side by side with this year’s finance directors.

Historian Meeting: Thursday1PM-2PM, CoHo (meet at the MU flagpole)
If you’re interested in learning how our lovely historian runs our website, social media platforms, and selfie challenges, come on our to the historian committee meeting!

Be a PAID MEMBER or BUY A SHIRT! Find a Finance director (Stephanie or Kaylee) at the meeting to pay.  Shirts are $15and membership is $20 for one whole year!

This year’s shirt! What screams “Davis” more than a squirrel on a bike?

How the point system works for membership: You get one point for every event you go to, and an additional point for every hour of service completed. So if you attend an event at the Mondavi Center, you receive 1 point. Working there for four hours means an additional 4 points for a total of 5 points!

ONE POINT: Rotaract Red
• Eligible for weekly raffle
• Eligible to apply for a Board of Director position in the future
• Personal Resume and Interview help
• Invitation to End-of-Quarter Members only social
TEN POINTS: Silver Level
• Lapel Pin
• Guaranteed Spot to Winter Retreat

FIFTY POINTS: Platinum Level
• Certificate of Accomplishment
• Recognition of Achievement in end of the quarter slideshow
• Special Surprise! (TBA at a later time)

Join a COMMITTEE! Learn about the ins and outs of a directorship (or all six) and work closely with the director(s).  You will be able to gain experience, offer suggestions, and even run your own events. Sign up HERE and we will contact you!

Join a FAMILY! We’ll put you in a family with other members and you will get to know everyone better, go to events together, and try to get more points than other families! Sign up HERE.

WEEKLY SELFIE CHALLENGE:Take a selfie with whatever/whoever we choose that week and post it on the Facebook group or Instagram. Remember to tag us on Instagram @davisrotaract so we see it! Winners will be chosen weekly and will win a prize! Winners must be present at the meeting to receive the prize.

SUGGESTION OX: Have suggestions or comments? Send them to us HERE. All responses are anonymous.

For information on the club, who we are, and the board of directors,check out our website!
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President | Ellen Davis

Vice President | Regina Mayta
[email protected]

Finance | Stephanie Yu & Kaylee Schukei
[email protected]

Service | Brian Trat & Bryant Tran
[email protected]

Membership | Jorge Lopez & Nand Mahasuwan
[email protected]

Professional Development | Joanne Chan & Arthur Chitpedakorn
[email protected]

Publicity | Melanie Chew & Rachel Bomactao
[email protected]

Historian | Rebecca Caabay-Lainez
[email protected]