Club Updates

03/02/10 Update!

Hey Guys! This is the update for this week’s meeting.

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who helped out at Relay For Life, Honor the Fallen, and has been helping out with Picnic Day decorations; everything looks great! If you’d like to help out at the booth on Picnic but have not signed up for a slot, call/email an officer!




PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT – Talk to them by e-mailing [email protected] or [email protected]!

Board Meetings – Mondays, 8:10 – 9PM, Mee Room (Third Floor of the MU)

        Have anything to say or would like to be involved in our discussion processes? Attend a Board Meeting to experience the behind the scenes workings of Campus Rotaract!

Apply to be an officer

        Love Rotaract? Like Planning? Want to get involved? Apply to be on the board next year! Applications are due April 20th by 11:59 PM to [email protected], at our general meeting, or in our SPAC mailbox.


SERVICE – want to volunteer with us or have any questions?? email [email protected]!

Baby Paks Committee – Wednesdays, 11-12PM @ MU II (Second floor of the Memorial Union)

        Join us as we work out the logistics for our international project, Baby Paks! This is going to be a huge project, so we’ll need a lot of help. It’s also a great way to obtain some leadership experience!


Freakin Awesome Friday: Baby Caps – Friday, 4/16, 4:00-7:00PM @ Gilmore Study Lounge

        We’ll be making caps for our international project, Baby Paks!


14 Miles of Service — Global Youth Service/Earth Day Clean Up – Saturday, April 24th, 8-12 PM @ Sacramento Northern Bike Trail

        We need 10 volunteers to help remove litter and invasive plants, prune shrubs, and wed or mulch garden beds. We need drivers!


Sunset Rotary Club Charter Night – Wednesday, May 5th, 6-8 PM; 8-10 PM @ 919 Lake Blvd.

        There’s a new Rotary Club in town and Cinco de Mayo is their Charter Night! Help make their initiation a success. We need 8 to 10 people!


FINANCE – Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] for any questions regarding fundraisers and all that money business!

Mondavi Center Fundrasier – TBA @ Mondavi Center

        Another Mondavi Center Fundraiser! These events bring out club huge sums of money, so be on the lookout. Dress code: Black slacks, white long sleeve button down shirt, covered toes, black shoes, no rings, no perfume, no bracelets, hair must be tied back, and no long earrings.

MEMBERSHIP – want to meet new people and make some sweet friends?? Talk to [email protected]!

Spring IM Team — Corec Volleyball!

        We’re doing Corec Volleyball! Game days are every Wednesday from April 14th to May 5th at 6 PM. Only $3 to join, even less if more people join! Email your name and student ID # if you want to play!


Sacramento Drive-In Movie — Hosted by Luna Vista! – Thursday, April 22nd, 7 – ?? PM

        Join the Luna Vista family-hosted drive-in movie night with a choice of Hot Tub Time Machine, How to Train Your Dragon, Clash of the Titans, and She’s Outta My League. Tickets are $6.75 and rides will be arranged!


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – want to get started in the professional world?? Contact [email protected]!

Professional Development Dinner – Saturday, April 24th, 7-9 PM @ 2323 Shasta Drive APT #68

        In lieu of the etiquette dinner, Stella and Andrew will be hosting a dinner of their own. For $3, you can come work on your career and job skills!


Contact our profession development directors for resume and interview help!

Check out the Job Shadowing Opportunities by going to the Members tab and selecting Job Shadowing!


PUBLICITY – want to learn more?? Publicity would love to hear from you! E-mail [email protected]! 

4th General Meeting – Tuesday, April 20th, 6:10 – 7 PM, Young 194!


We have shirts!

        NEW T-shirt: $8 for paid members, $10 for non-paid!

        Old: $3 for paid, $5 for non-paid!


Wear Your Shirts!

        Every Tuesday, all day, to spread the spirit of Rotaract! =)


HISTORIANS – Like taking pictures? E-mail [email protected] and let them know!

Rawr rawr I wan photos, gib me photos! Qkaw Qkaw, Rawr rawr!

Membership Calendar

        Want to link Rotaract’s calendar with your own? Add [email protected] to your google calendar and be instantly updated! You can even connect it to your UC Davis email! A great way to keep all your things organized =).


Other Board Announcements!

        Join our Facebook Group and become a Fan of our club so you can check for any updates we’ve got for you.

                FAN PAGE WOO WOO

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Reminders for Next Meeting::

        – If you want to become a paid member, bring 8 dollars to the next meeting!

        – Bring coins for Happy Coins!

        – Wear your 2009-10 Club T-shirts every Tuesday to represent Rotaract! 



Good luck with midterms for everyone who might have them next week like me =[