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04.06.11 Update


PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT – Talk to them by e-mailing [email protected] or [email protected] !

Rotary Japan Relief fund – at General Meetings

Come and donate $2 to receive a bracelet that will go towards helping those affected by the Japan earthquake. Find an officer or donate at a general meeting. 100% of donations will go to the Rotary Japan Relief Fund.

Board Meetings – Monday, April 11th [7:10pm] @ Fielder Room (2nd floor MU)

Have anything to say or would like to be involved in our discussion processes? Attend a Board Meeting to experience the behind the scenes workings of Campus Rotaract!

SERVICE – Want to volunteer with us or have any questions?? email [email protected]org !

Freakin’ Awesome Fridays – Friday, April 8th [4-6PM] @ Study Lounge at The Colleges (164 La Rue Rd.)

Come hang out with your fellow club members as you help finish the awesome Picnic Day decorations!

Freakin’ Awesome Fridays – Friday, April 15th [4-6PM] @ Study Lounge at The Colleges (164 La Rue Rd.)

Let’s finish off those last minute Picnic Day shirts and decorations before the big day! We would love your help. :]

Time Off for Caregivers – Saturday, April 23rd [10AM-3PM] @ Davis Senior Center (646 A St; Corner of 7th and A St.)

Spend time with a senior, playing games, hearing their stories and words of wisdom. It’s an event where you can really feel your impact!

Davis Community Meals – Saturday, April 23rd [9AM-11AM;11AM-1PM] @ St. Martin’s Episcopal Church (640 Hawthorne Ln.; Behind U-Mall)

Help set up, prepare, and serve meals for the community of Davis.

FINANCE – Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] for any questions regarding fundraisers and all that money business!

Mondavi Event – Friday, April 8th [5-10PM] @ Mondavi Center

Thanks to everyone who signed up!

Relay for Life – April 9-10th [10AM-10AM] @ Russell Field

It’s finally here, so be sure to signup if you haven’t already! Sign-Up Link

MEMBERSHIP – Want to meet new people and make some sweet friends?? Talk to [email protected]!

Relay for Life Team T-shirts – Friday, April 6th [6-8PM] @ CoHo

This is the last chance to make a Team Rotaract T-shirt. We had a lot of fun last FAF creating them and will too. Remember t-shirts cost $1. This is one of the events to start getting psyched for Relay for Life this Saturday and Sunday.

Relay for Life – April 9-10th [10AM-10AM] @ Russell Field

Join the festivities and help raise money for Relay For Life! There will be games, walking laps, rolling down grass hills and more!

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Want to get started in the professional world?? Contact [email protected]!

Guest Speaker: Susanne Rockwell – Tuesday, April 12th [after the general meeting]@Young 198

Susanne Rockwell is going to speak about web design. She is an administrator for the UC Davis website and an aggie alumna. : )

King Hall Outreach Program (KHOP) – Deadline: Friday, April 15th @ UC Davis Campus

A 2 yr academic program that helps with LSAT prep, writing & logic classes, and Mock Trial that provides networking opportunities as well. Also includes classes in summer. MUST be either 1st generation college student or from economically disadvantaged background, current sophomore and have 3.0+ GPA. If selected CANNOT have outside job. For more info, .

Social Interactions Lab (Phil Shaver) Internship @ Young Hall

Couples research on thoughts/feelings in social relationships. RA position-running expts. Must have good interpersonal skills, and able to work 6 hrs per wk. For more info, contact Dr. Baljinder Sahdra ([email protected]).

Spring Internship and Career Fair – Thursday, April 7th [10AM-2PM] @ ARC Pavilion

Looking for an internship? Graduating and needing a job? Come to the Internship and Career Fair next Thursday and continue your search there! Over 95 companies are registered to be looking for someone like you! Make sure you come ready with a resume and dress sharp. They are known to do on the spot interviews at the fair. Besides, you know you look good dressed up. 😉

Career Fair Reinforcements! – Thursday, April 7th [10AM-1:30PM] @ ARC Pavilion

Last minute jitters? Don’t want to attend the career fair by yourself? ProDev directors, Lauren and Nick as well as other experienced members will be there to provide last second tips, pep talks, and answer questions you may have. When you get there, just look around for the best looking and dressed people there. You’ll find us and the rest of our awesome Rotaractors!

PS: Check in with an officer when you get there. There will be a raffle by the end of the quarter!

Career Speed Dating – Wednesday, April 20th [4PM] @ Freeborn Hall

Speed dating for your career? Definitely. It’s just like speed dating, but for your career. Pick a table, move to the next when you hear the chime about 5 minutes later. Network and hear about internship opportunities! As always be prepared with a resume and look sharp.

PUBLICITY – Want to learn more?? Publicity would love to hear from you! E-mail [email protected]!

3rd General Meeting – Tuesday, April 12th [6:10-7:00PM] @ Young 198

Want to get more involved on campus? Join us for service project, socials, fundraisers, professional development, entertainment and all that jazz. What more could you ask for? :]. Bleed Rotaract red!

Tabling – April 7-8th @ the Quad

We were only able to get a reservation this week for Thursday and Friday, come stop by, say hi and enjoy the beautiful sun with your favorite community service group. 😀

Admire our beautiful A-frames! @ MU, Quad, and Silo

We are finally done with our A-frames so make sure to stop and admire our amazing decorations. ;]

Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter

BEFORE you go to sleep tonight, add us on Facebook and Twitter. It’s the only decision you will never regret! (Besides becoming a Rotaractor, of course!)

HISTORIANS – Like taking pictures? E-mail [email protected] and let them know!

Pictures Online?

Curious about the pictures that have been taken at past events? Check out our Shutterfly at Pictures are updated weekly.

Send Us Pictures

Have you taken pictures at a Rotaract event? Send them our way at [email protected]

Membership Calendar

Want to find out what we have planned for you? Link the Campus Rotaract calendar with your own by adding [email protected] to your Google calendar to keep up-to-date with the latest events!

We hope to see you at our next general meeting in YOUNG 198! :]

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