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11.03.2015 UPDATE


Here is our weekly CRC Davis meeting recap!
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Hello everyone! If you missed the meeting (every week on Tuesday from 7:10 PM – 8:00 PM in Veihmeyer 212), you can sign up for events through the links in this newsletter.

Interested in learning more about a directorship or want to help out? Join a COMMITTEE! Sign up HERE and we will contact you!
Remember to join our Facebook group!

Send us your best “We’re this close to ending polio” selfie! Submit pictures through Instagram, FB, or email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to tag @davisrotaract and add the #crcdavis

Weekly Board Meeting, 8PM-9PM, De Carli Room (2nd Floor of MU)
Join the Board of Directors at our weekly meeting to see how we plan and discuss club business, upcoming meetings, and events!

WEDNESDAY, 11/04-FRIDAY, 11/06
Pocky Stick Sales, Hourly shifts 10AM – 3PM, MU Table
Come help us sell chocolate covered pretzel rods aka pocky sticks to people at the MU! Thank you to everyone who came out to make them! If you can’t help sell, drop by to say hi and pick up a snack! (:

FRIDAY, 11/06
ProDev Dinner, 6-7, Fountain Circle Clubhouse
We’re hosting dinner for you guys! Eat and listen to recent graduates Nicole, Matt, and Dylan talk about their experiences. Rides provided.
FAF: Baby Packs, 4PM – 6PM, Wellman 107
Come help us cut out and sew baby bibs and caps to be donated to mothers in need! No need to sign up, just show up.
Mondavi: SF Symphony, 5PM – 9PM, Mondavi Center
Come sell concessions with us at the Mondavi center for this spectacular event!! Rides will be provided.

FRIDAY, 11/13

FAF: The Linus Project, 4PM-6PM, Olson 6

We’ll be making security blankets for The Linus Project to be donated to children in need at hospitals and shelters.

San Francisco Trip, Saturday 8AMSunday 1PM, San Francisco
Are you ready for this? I’m not sure you are….GET EXCITED FOR THIS….We are going to be headed to San Francisco! We will be driving down Saturday morning, spending the day making memories and a bonfire, spending the night at one of your lovely board members homes, then heading back up to Davis the next morning. More details are on the form! Hope to see you there!

Finance Meeting (Biweekly): Monday6-7PM, CoHo

Want to see what it’s like to be a Director of Finance for CRC Davis? Well here’s your chance to get more involved with the club by working side by side with this year’s finance directors.

Publicity Meeting (Biweekly): Wednesdays, 7-8PM, CoHo

Are you curious about how we create and send our newsletters, manage social media, and how we get the word out about our awesome club? Join Publicity at the Coho to see how we do it!

Service Meeting (Biweekly): Thursdays, 5-6PM, CoHo

Interested in coming up with new service projects for the year? Want to make an impact on your community and forge connections with other Rotaract and Rotary clubs?Join the service committee at this week’s meeting!
Nowadays, 91% of employers search your social media for any red flags. While most people tell you to watch every single thing you upload, there’s a much easier solution. Use Social Sweepster, an app that detects pictures of red solo cups, beer bottles, and other “suspicious” objects. It even detects profanity from your past posts! Now, that’s f%$king awesome!

Old Town Scavag-mento, 4 PM, Meet at MU Tennis Courts
Meet up at the MU Tennis Courts and we will carpool over to Old Town Sac! We will be completing a scavenger hunt! First family to finish wins some pointssss! Bonus points for your family if your mentor/mentee is there too!! Rides provided.


Be a PAID MEMBER or BUY A SHIRT! Find a Finance director (Stephanie or Kaylee) at the meeting to pay. Shirts are $15 and membership is $20 for one whole year!

This year’s shirt design! (What screams “Davis” more than a squirrel on a bike?)

How the point system for membership works: You get one point for every event you go to, and an additional point for every hour of service completed. So if you attend an event at the Mondavi Center, you receive 1 point. Working there for four hours means an additional 4 points for a total of 5 points!

ONE POINT: Rotaract Red
• Eligible for weekly raffle
• Eligible to apply for a Board of Director position in the future
• Personal Resume and Interview help
• Invitation to End-of-Quarter Members only social
TEN POINTS: Silver Level
• Lapel Pin
• Guaranteed Spot to Winter Retreat

FIFTY POINTS: Platinum Level
• Certificate of Accomplishment
• Recognition of Achievement in end of the quarter slideshow
• Special Surprise! (TBA at a later time)

Join a COMMITTEE! Learn about the ins and outs of a directorship (or all six) and work closely with the director(s).  You will be able to gain experience, offer suggestions, and even run your own events. Sign up HERE and we will contact you!

Join our MENTOR/MENTEE program to make a new friend and have someone new to hang out with! Sign up HERE.

Join a FAMILY! We’ll put you in a family with other members and you will get to know everyone better, go to events together, and try to get more points than other families! Sign up HERE.

WEEKLY SELFIE CHALLENGE:Take a selfie with whatever/whoever we choose that week and post it on the Facebook group or Instagram. Remember to tag us on Instagram @davisrotaract so we see it! Winners will be chosen weekly and will win a prize! Winners must be present at the meeting to receive the prize.

SUGGESTION OX: Have suggestions or comments? Send them to us HERE. All responses are anonymous.

For information on the club, who we are, and the board of directors,check out our website!
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President | Ellen Davis

Vice President | Regina Mayta
[email protected]

Finance | Stephanie Yu & Kaylee Schukei
[email protected]

Service | Brian Trat
[email protected]

Membership | Abby Snitovsky
[email protected]

Professional Development | Joanne Chan & Arthur Chitpedakorn
[email protected]

Publicity | Melanie Chew & Rachel Bomactao
[email protected]

Historian | Rebecca Caabay-Lainez
[email protected]

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