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12.03.13 Update

Good luck on Finals and Happy Holidays 🙂

Get in touch with them! E-mail [email protected] or [email protected]!

Board Meeting
Board meetings will resume on Mondays, as usual, next quarter. The time and location are still to be determined.
Join our committees! You See Davis & Charity Dinner 
Want to get more involved with the club? Join our committees and help us plan two of our biggest events of the year! Our next meeting will be in Winter Quarter.

Interested in volunteering with us or have any questions? E-mail [email protected]!

Good luck with finals and have a great winter break everyone! – <3 service!

Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] for any questions regarding fundraisers and all monetary business!

Fish’s Wild Fundraiser
Tuesday and Wednesday, December 3rd & 4th, 2013.
516 2nd St 11:00 AM – midnight both days
What’s better than having a lunch/dinner at Fish’s Wild with your Rotaract family while helping fundraise for the Tinogona Foundation? Come out and join us for a last hangout before disappearing for the finals’ study grind. See you guys there, and best of luck with finals to everyone!

Want to meet new people and make lasting friendships? E-mail [email protected]!

Mentor/Mentee Program
If you’re interested in joining the Mentor/Mentee program, please let us know in person or via email!
Also, earn points by going to events with your mentor or mentee!
Rotaract Winter/Spring Quarter Game: Mole
Like last year, we’ll be having a club game in Winter and Spring quarter! It’ll be based on the TV Game Show “The Mole”! Check out the link below for more information, and send us an email if you think you’ll be interested in playing!

Want to get started in the professional world? Contact [email protected]!
Office Hours
Picco — (530) 665-0053    Monday: 3-5pm     Wednesday: 10am-12pm     Friday: 3-4pm
Carol — (415) 652-2503     Tuesday and Thursday: 1-3pm
Location: On Campus or by appointment via email/phone
Have questions about your academic and/or professional life? Come join us in office hours if you need guidance with your resume, interviews, or just want general advice!
Professional Tip of the Week: The Office Christmas Party
It’s that time of the year and your office or company is having a holiday party. Here are some tips to remember while you mingle with coworkers:
– Technically, you’re still at work, so remember that your superiors are still your superiors and treat them with respect
– Mingle with all your coworkers and be friendly; even a short chat with that annoying coworker leaves a good impression
– Go ahead, have a little alcohol to lighten the mood, but don’t go overboard; you are accountable for anything you say or do if you get hammered, so just don’t do it
– Don’t use this as an opportunity to hit on your coworkers; you still have to face them on Monday, and if anyone sees anything, the whole office will know, so be careful.

Want to learn more? Publicity would love to hear from you! E-mail [email protected]!

General Meeting
Tuesday, January 14, 2013, 6:10 to 7 p.m. @ TBA

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Like our page at /CampusRotaractClubofDavis
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Please fill out a membership form if you are planning to buy membership this year.
(This is optional, but recommended.)
-Free Rotaract lapel pin
-Discounted prices on t-shirts and special events
-BBQ socials and certain Fellowship events
-Be eligible for grand prizes in raffles and lotteries
-Have a guaranteed spot for Winter Retreat
-Job shadowing opportunities
-Personal resume and interview help
-Apply to be an officer in Spring Quarter
-Becoming one step closer to the Rotary family!
T-Shirts and Membership
$15 for membership
$15 for shirt

*Please bring your money to the meeting or contact an officer. Checks are payable to Campus Rotaract Club of Davis.

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Thank you again for your interest in the Campus Rotaract Club of Davis!