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12.30.10 Update

Hello there. :]

We hope that winter break is going well for everyone. But as winter quarter approaches, here are some quick updates.

Board Meetings – Mondays [8:10-9:00PM] @ Fielder Room (in the MU)

Want to propose your ideas on how to make CRC Davis an even better club? Our board meetings are the perfect place for your voice to be heard by the officers. Don’t be shy, we would love to hear your input.

1st General Meeting – Tuesday, January 4th [6:10-7:00PM] @ Olson 6

How can you inspire change in 2011? Swing by our first general meeting of the quarter and see what events we have planned for you. Representatives from Kaplan will be stopping by to speak to us as well as providing free pizza and raffle prizes! You do not want to miss this meeting! Wear your t-shirts! Bleed red!! >:-]

Winter Retreat – January 14th-16th @ Truckee

The location has been decided! This year we have rented out a cabin in Truckee. This is the perfect event if you feel like you don’t know your fellow members and officers as well as you would like to. The price has been set at $55, this includes housing, food, and transportation for the entire stay. It’s time to play in the snow, make snowmen and snow angels, go snowboarding or skiing, play board games and most importantly build stronger connections. For more information contact [email protected]

Hope you all enjoy the rest of  break! We look forward to seeing all your lovely faces in the new year. :]

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