Club Updates

3.11.2015 Update

If you missed the meeting tonight, please sign up for events here!

Get in touch with them! E-mail [email protected] or [email protected]!


Interested in volunteering with us or have any questions? E-mail [email protected]org

Davis Art Center  March 15
The Young Art Festival is a benefit Davis School Arts Foundation. Responsibilities will include helping to set up for the event, helping with art projects, and cleaning up after the event.

Shoot an e-mail to [email protected] for any questions regarding fundraisers and all monetary business!

Bros before Joes (Tanktop Design Contest)
March 9th 12:00AM – March 29th 11:59 PM
Want to look swole decked out in your Rotaract gear Spring quarter? Want more Rotaract swag? You can be the next top designer for Rotaract! Submit your design to us and it can potentially become the first official Rotaract bro tank! #sunsoutgunsout

-One sided or double sided, 3 colors max
-mentions Rotaract

Submit your designs to [email protected]

Want to meet new people and make lasting friendships? E-mail [email protected]!

Membership Families
A fun way to get to know more people in the club is to join a family! Anyone can join at any time in the quarter!
Let us know if you want to be a FAMILY HEAD NEXT QUARTER!!
Family Standings for this quarter:
Nutella Sandwiches: 10
Green Eggs and Ham: 4
Blood Oranges: 3
Red Hot Chili Peppers: 11
Violet Veggies: 5
Ellen and David: 1

Want to get started in the professional world? Contact [email protected]!

Rotaract Study Hall
Monday March 16, 4pm-10pm SCC Meeting Room TBA 
Come study with us! Get dem A’s!!

Professional Tip of the week:
Take advantage of the resources offered for free on campus!

1. Math and Science workshops at the Student Community Center.
– CHE 2A, B, C , 118A, B, C, PHY 7A, B, C, MAT 17A, B, C

2. Internship and Career Center
– Meet with advisors to receive guidance for a possible future career
– Learn about more internship opportunities

Laboratory STDT3
UC Davis Center for Health and the Environment Laboratory
Student Assistant 3
10-15 hrs/wk $9.50/hr
Aggie Job Link ID: 791225

Assist in the RNA analysis of tissue samples from small laboratory animals exposed to a variety of environmental air pollutants. Duties include l earning to use extraction methods for RNA and protein from tissue and cell culture samples and PCR analysis. Hours to be arrange.

Rotary Mentorship Program
Let us know if you are interested!
Interested in receiving personal advice from an experienced Rotarian who was once in your shoes? Interested in learning more about what it’s like to be a Rotarian? Want to know more about the field you’re studying from someone who’s already become successful? Interested in job shadowing? Want to grab coffee with a Rotarian and listen to their stories?  If you said yes to any of these questions, this is the program for you! Just fill out this form, and we will find you a match from one of our four local Rotary Clubs!

Introducing the Class Networking Tool!
Ever wonder what other Rotaractors are in your classes? Need help with homework or finding a study group? Just wanna make some new friends? Boy, do we have something for you.
Fill out this form, and find out who they are!
Check this link to see who is in your classes:

Join our resume database!
Do you need some resume help? Join our resume database! You will have access to several different examples of past and current club members resumes. This is a wonderful resource you should take advantage of today!

Want to learn more? Publicity would love to hear from you! E-mail [email protected]!

Do you Tumblr?! Rotaract does! Follow Us!
You can now follow us on tumblr! Check us out at!

General Meetings TUESDAYS 6:10PM OLSON 6
Join us next week for our general meeting!

Newsletter Listserv Sign-up Link
Have a friend who’s interested in learning more about Rotaract, but who hasn’t signed up for listserv yet? Direct them to!

Join our facebook group here!


Please fill out a membership form if you are planning to buy membership this year.
(This is optional, but recommended.)
-Free Rotaract lapel pin
-Discounted prices on t-shirts and special events
-BBQ socials and certain Fellowship events
-Be eligible for grand prizes in raffles and lotteries
-Have a guaranteed spot for Winter Retreat
-Job shadowing opportunities
-Personal resume and interview help
-Apply to be an officer in Spring Quarter
-Becoming one step closer to the Rotary family!
T-Shirts and Membership
$15 for membership
$15 for shirt

*Please bring your money to the meeting or contact an officer. Checks are payable to Campus Rotaract Club of Davis.

Have you seen our shirts for this year?

Have pictures from events for us? Send them to [email protected]

Rotaract red Day (March 10th)
It’s the last meeting of the quarter! Please wear rotaract gear or red so we’re all reppin’ the best club at Davis 🙂
Check out our website
Check out our website! You might be on the front page!
Membership Calendar
Want to link Rotaract’s calendar with your own? Add [email protected] to your Google calendar! Be up to date with all our events!
Pictures Online
Check out pictures from Rotaract from this year and previous years:
Send us pictures!
Did you take pictures at an event? Send them to [email protected]
Follow us @CRC Davis | #crcdavis

Thank you again for your interest in the Campus Rotaract Club of Davis!