Club Updates

Fall 2020 Update 1

“Take root, stand strong” is the theme our club has collectively chosen for the 2020-2021 Rotaract year. To take root and stand strong is to reclaim and acknowledge our pasts, presents, and futures. In our past lies the foundation, the soil, for who we are, what we believe in, and where we stand. From this soil, we take root and establish strong relationships in the present and understand what we want to accomplish for the future.
The Campus Rotaract Club of Davis is here to support you and our community so that we may take root and stand strong together. This theme, as much as it can apply to each of us individually, also stands for our connections with one another. Like a tree, we can support one another and grow together as a club, as a family. One thing that we’ve always admired about the members of Rotaract is that we all strive to build a better world for the future, and in doing so, we grow both as a community and as individuals. We build each other up to face whatever life has to throw at us.

This becomes increasingly more relevant today. One after another, tragic events keep on rocking against our trunk, our stem, our stalk, however we still stand strong. It is important to remember that we are still here. Regardless of the forces that threaten to tear us down, we have laid down our roots and are ready to stand strong and strive to reach the sky.

Service Updates

Are you back in Davis? Whether you are or not, here’s a survey to see where everyone will be for Fall Quarter. Please fill this out so we can plan fun service events for everyone! Whether you’re going to be living in Davis or will be in a different state, Rotaract will be here for you, ready to serve our community.

Bake Sale Updates

We are seeking helpers to bake cookies, brownies, vegan cookies, and vegan brownies for our Fall 2020 bake sale on October 12th. All proceeds will go towards baby packs. Rotaractors in the Davis area are strongly encouraged to participate in the baking process! If interested, please fill out the google form by October 1st 🙂

Membership Updates

We are requesting zoom social ideas for this upcoming quarter! If you have any ideas please submit them in the form below!!

Professional Development Updates

As many events are moved online, we would like to get YOUR input on what Professional Development events you are interested in for this upcoming quarter and academic year!

Selfie Challenge Submissions

We’ll be doing selfie challenges again this year so if you have any selfie challenge ideas, here is the google form!

T-shirt Design Submissions

Show off your impressive art skills by submitting a T-shirt design(s) for the 2020-2021 Rotaract year! This year’s theme is “Take Root, Stand Strong”. Submissions will be voted on and the winner will receive $10 off the membership cost!!

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