Club Updates

Fall 2020 Week 10 Update

We’re almost finished with the quarter, hang in there! You all got this!!
Thank you to everyone who came out to our meetings this quarter and we hope to see you again at the beginning of Winter quarter!! GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS and Happy Holidays!!!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make the last meeting of the quarter! We will not be meeting next week, but please take a moment to fill out this end of the year survey with feedback about this quarter’s service events! 
Here are our events planned for this upcoming week:

1. Community Building: Join us on Wednesday (12/9) at 7PM for a day of community building! We will be talking about ways we can help our community grow and help provide them with the resources needed, especially during these hard times. This will also be an opportunity for us to plan for next year! 
Zoom link:

*Operation Christmas Child Fundraiser: For our annual international project by The Samaritan’s Purse Organization, we are continuing our fundraiser until the end of the quarter for children in need to receive boxes with toys, school items, and hygiene products. Please help us fundraise! The fundraising bingo board is posted below.

*Clothing and Food Drive: We are holding a food and clothing drive for Empower Yolo, which provides emergency shelter and resources for children and families experiencing domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and housing insecurities. (See flyer below)

*New Year Bake Sale Fundraiser: Our next fundraising bake sale will take place on Monday, January 11 for Feeding America! We will be needing volunteers: more information below!

*Food Banks: If you have volunteered at your local food banks, fill out this form to receive your service hours! (More info below)

***Rotaractors of the Quarter: Special shoutout to Jacqueline Yu, Isabella Campos, and Marshall Comia for coming consistently and being involved in our meetings, service events, and socials!!

Survey and Interest Forms:

  • End of the Year Survey: Help us plan for next year by filling out this form and providing us with feedback about this quarter’s service events! 
  • Rotaract Event Chairs Interest Form: CRC Davis hosts two big events every year and this year, both events will most likely take place online. If you are interested in being an Event Chair, please fill out this form.
    1. You See Davis (YSD):
      • Usually a high schooler stay over at Davis
      • Typically during winter quarter
      • Hold workshops to help high schoolers of all levels decide which schools to apply to, how to apply, financial aid, and other helpful tips like self care
      • Panel of Rotaractors to answer questions
      • Games and Social Aspect
    2. Baby Big Night
      • Usually a Charity Dinner to help raise funds for Baby Packs
      • Typically during Spring Quarter
      • There will be lots of room for creativity, as a dinner is basically out of the question but a new event will be needed to raise funds for Baby Packs
      • Clubs and Rotaractors perform as entertainment at the event. Some performers we’ve had include the Stand-Up Comedy Club and Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan!
  • Food Banks:Volunteer at your nearest food bank this week and anytime! Most food banks need help with distributing food to the community and helping sort and box the fresh produce!
    • You can find your nearest food bank using your zip code through this website.
    • If you have volunteered at your local food banks, fill out this form to receive your service hours!
  • Service Ideas Form:If you have service ideas you would like to recommend for future events, please fill out this form! All ideas are welcome and very much appreciated.

Operation Christmas Child Fundraiser:
Please consider donating to our venmo account @CampusRotaractClubDavis or posting this bingo board on your social media through the end of the quarter to help us fundraise for our annual international project!

Our annual international project is by Samaritan’s Purse, and we are fundraising for children in need to receive holiday boxes with toys, school items, and hygiene products.

We are holding a clothing and food drive for Empower Yolo, which provides emergency shelter and resources for children and families experiencing domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and housing insecurities. If you have any winter/warm clothes still in good shape or non-perishable and canned foods that you are willing to donate, we will be collecting them until noon on December 12th! Please DM (562-299-8468) for drop off locations!
Pro Dev will be holding Office Hours! If you are looking for individual help on anything related to professional development, feel free to fill out this form!

You can also always email us with questions at [email protected]!
Are you interested in sewing baby packs? Don’t worry, there will be tutorial videos on how to make them! Our club is continuing our annual international project, Baby Packs, where we sew baby bibs and caps to send to mothers in Brazil. We plan on sending materials to interested members and meeting over zoom to make them together! If you are willing to help us sew, please fill out this form.

*If you are in need of more materials for Baby Packs or are running short on fabric, please fill out this form!

Winter Quarter Sneak Peek…

Planned Events!
   – FAF
   – Bake Sale Fundraiser
   – More Club Socials
   – More Family and Big/Little Socials
Pro Dev:
   – Alumni Panel

Starting Wednesday (11/18), COVID-19 testing will become available to all UC Davis students! Here is a page with more information and instructions for making a testing appointment.

Whether you are back in Davis or not, here is a link to Davis’ Coronavirus Campus Information.
Welcome to Rotaract!! For those of you who had a chance to attend one of our weekly meetings, we hope you had a good time! Here is the form to become a member (and get a shirt)!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Family Competition last weekend! We hope you had fun with your fam! 
If you are a new member and want to join a family, reach out to our directors of membership at [email protected] and we can sort you into one!!

Here are the current family standings:
1st Place:Fire Fam (39 points)
2nd Place: Earth Fam (34.5 points)
3rd Place:  Air Fam (33 points)
4th Place: Water Fam (24 points)

Each quarter, the families compete with each other for family points and here’s how to earn those points!
1) Family Selfies:
     – +1 point per person in each photo
     – At least 4 people

2) Family Photobomb:
     – -1 point per other family photobomb

3) Social Events:
     – +1 point per person who attends

4) Selfie Challenge:
     – +1 point per person who participates 
     – Make sure to hashtag your fam’s name when
       you post!!

5) Service Events:
     – +1 point per hour of service

Are you back in Davis? Whether you are or not, here‘s a survey to see where everyone will be for Fall Quarter. Please fill this out so we can plan fun service events for everyone! Whether you’re going to be living in Davis or will be in a different state, Rotaract will be here for you, ready to serve our community.
We are still requesting zoom social ideas for this upcoming quarter! If you have any ideas please submit them in this form!
As many events are moved online, we would like to get YOUR input on what Professional Development events you are interested in for this upcoming quarter and academic year! Please input your ideas here!

For more info on what we have been up to: check out last week’s update here and for more past updates check out our club updates page!

Subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly updates emailed to you or email our publicity directors. Email our directors of service, professional development, membership, or finance for more information about events, socials, or fundraisers! For general inquiries contact our President, Chris Galeno at [email protected] or our Vice President, Anh Tran at [email protected]! For information about selfie challenges contact [email protected].