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Fall 2020 Week 6 Update

Welcome to Rotaract!! For those of you who had a chance to attend one of our weekly meetings, we hope you had a good time! Here is the form to become a member (and get a shirt)!

For those of you who attended our Rotary panel, please fill out this form for us to include in our thank you cards to our Rotarians!!

Also, here is the link to this week’s President’s Raffle Question.

Koby wishes you good luck on Week 6!

Join Big West Rotaract at Rotary Institute Zones 26 & 27. 

The Big West Rotaract Conference 2020 is going virtual and merging with Rotary Institute Zones 26 & 27! On November 12-14th, you’ll get to experience amazing speakers, network with Rotary and Rotaract leaders, and have fun at virtual fellowship lounges and the House of Friendship. 

Be sure to take advantage of the special $30 Rotaractor registration rate. For more details and registration, visit their website.
Happy week 6!!! Here’s a list of our events planned for this upcoming week!

1. Big/Little & Family Reveal!: Join us at 6PM on Friday (11/13) for the Big/Little and Family Reveal!!!
Zoom link:

2. FAF #2: Come join us at 7PM on Saturday (11/14) for our international project, Baby Packs! You can help us sew baby caps and bibs! If you are interested, please fill out this form (More information below).
Zoom link:

3. Webinar with Santa Teresa Interact club:Come share your experiences and insights with members of the Santa Teresa High School Interact Club on Sunday (11/15) at 7PM! The webinar’s panel will be about the college application process, classes, transition to college, and student life.  If you are interested, please fill out this form!
Zoom link:

4. Rotaract General Meeting 6: The Campus Rotaract Club of Davis’ 6th General Meeting will be on Tuesday (11/17) from 7-8pm!!
Zoom link:
Food Banks:Volunteer at your nearest food bank this week and anytime! Most food banks need help with distributing food to the community and helping sort and box the fresh produce!
You can find your nearest food bank using your zip code through this website.

Service Ideas Form:If you have service ideas you would like to recommend for future events, please fill out this form! All ideas are welcome and very much appreciated!

**The Hard/Final Deadline for BL and family apps is Wednesday, 11/11 at 11:59PM!

1. The Big/Little Application is REQUIRED for the Big Little/Membership Program and is due at 11:59PM on Tuesday (11/10). Here is the form.

2. The Family Application is also due at 11:59PM on Tuesday (11/10). Become part of a family this year to get to know your fellow Rotaract members more! Everyone is welcome!! Here is the form.

3. The Big Little Info Form is an optional form where you can provide and share more info about yourself. The slides will be posted on Facebook so that other potential Bigs and Littles will be able to see it and get to know you better! Here is the form.

This week’s selfie challenge is #FridayThe13th! Post a selfie with the hashtag #FridayThe13th of what you’re doing this Friday the 13th! You can either post on our Facebook page, DM us on instagram @davisrotaract, or email our historians at [email protected]!
Pro Dev will be holding Office Hours! If you are looking for individual help on anything related to professional development, feel free to fill out this form!

You can also always email us with questions at [email protected]!
Are you interested in sewing baby packs? Don’t worry, there will be tutorial videos on how to make them! Our club is continuing our annual international project, Baby Packs, where we sew baby bibs and caps to send to mothers in Brazil. We plan on sending materials to interested members and meeting over zoom to make them together! If you are willing to help us sew, please fill out this form.
Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted for a T-shirt design! Option 3 is our winning design! If you HAVE NOT yet expressed your interest in buying membership, which includes a T-Shirt, here‘s the pre-order form!
Whether you are back in Davis or not, here is a link to Davis’ Coronavirus Campus Information.
Are you back in Davis? Whether you are or not, here‘s a survey to see where everyone will be for Fall Quarter. Please fill this out so we can plan fun service events for everyone! Whether you’re going to be living in Davis or will be in a different state, Rotaract will be here for you, ready to serve our community.
We are still requesting zoom social ideas for this upcoming quarter! If you have any ideas please submit them in this form!
As many events are moved online, we would like to get YOUR input on what Professional Development events you are interested in for this upcoming quarter and academic year! Please input your ideas here!

For more info on what we have been up to: check out last week’s update here and for more past updates check out our club updates page!

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