For our local community

Are you a member of the Yolo County community? Are you a local business leader? Then Rotaract can help you!

The Campus Rotaract Club of Davis is a not-for-profit student organization at the University of California-Davis which mobilizes students to do service to humanity and our local community. Members of the Rotaract club, or Rotaractors, engage in various service activities in Yolo County, as well as abroad. Some projects that we participate include, but are not limited to: tree plantings, food service at homeless centers, food service at charity benefit dinners, clothes and food drives, and much more!

Our Rotaract club, which is sponsored by the Rotary club of Davis-Sunrise, is commited to bettering our local community. We are always looking for more service projects to participate in, as well as to start. If you have a service project that you need help with, or if you have an idea for a service project, please do not hesitate to send us an email. You can contact our Service Directors at [email protected]

As a not-for-profit service organization, we also welcome any donations that can be made to our club. All donations–tangible items or monetary ones–will go towards helping either the local community or the international community. We your donations to help start service projects. You can also request that your donation go specifically towards a project for the local community. If you are interested in providing a donation for a good cause, please email our Finance Directors at [email protected]

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact our President at [email protected]

Thank you!

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