Club Updates

Spring Quarter 2020 Updates

Hello Rotaractors!

As you may know, due to the recent unfolding of events around the world involving COVID-19, CRC Davis will not be hosting any in person events or meetings during Spring Quarter. Unfortunately, this means our annual charity dinner, Baby Big Night, is cancelled this year. However, this isn’t goodbye! We still have a lot of exciting things for this quarter to stay connected!

  • Board Applications for 20-21 due this Friday, April 3rd!
  • Selfie Challenges: Post a selfie challenge for our Spirit Week!! We will continue to have a weekly selfie challenge as well.
  • Online meetups with your families!
  • ProDev & Finance & Pres/VP are still open to give advice on jobs/resumes/budgeting/etc. Send them a message!
  • Rotaract Scholarship: the application will be released later this quarter

**We’re also thinking of redirecting our International Project funds towards a community/local organization that is supporting the efforts to combat coronavirus. Let us know if this is something you’re down for in the comments or if you’d recommend any specific organizations! We thank you all for your understanding and hope you all are healthy. Stay home! Wash your hands! Good luck this quarter! And we’ll stay in touch! If you need to talk, some advice or anything, reach out, we’re always down to chat. 🥰

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