Club Updates

T-shirt Design

Do you think you can design an AWESOME

T-shirt for the Campus Rotaract Club?


Since it’s a new school year and a new start for the Campus Rotaract Club, we need new shirts for all our lovely members (like you) to wear! And since YOU and your fellow club members will be the ones wearing these shirts, we want you to have a say in what you wear and a chance to see everyone sporting your design.


This year’s theme is MAKING CONNECTIONS.

This means both locally, internationally,

within the club, and throughout the campus.


Interpret the theme in any way you’d like and use those creative skills I know you have! Try to limit yourself to 2-3 colors on a colored t-shirt. Try to incorporate Red and Gold/Yellow in your design. Hand-draw or digitally create a design and turn it in on Tuesday October 27th at the General Meeting.


The winner will receive a FREE T-SHIRT with their design on it, the privilege of seeing their skills put onto the shirts of the entire club, and a special grand prize. Runners-up will also receive prizes!


If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]