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Winter 2021 Week 7 Update

Rotaract is a community service-based club that fosters professionalism and friendship even in these uncertain times. Rotaract focuses on community and international service each year while forming lasting bonds within the club!

Welcome to Rotaract!! For those of you who had a chance to attend our general meeting, we hope you had a good time! Here is the form to become a member (and get a shirt)!
The CRC Davis theme for this school year is “Take Root, Stand Strong”.
Happy Week 7!
Here’s a list of our events planned for this upcoming week:

1. FAF #4: Our 4th FAF meeting will be from 4-6PM on Friday (2/19)! Baby Packs is our annual international project for mothers in Brazil, and you can help us sew baby caps and bibs! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew, we will teach you!  If you are interested in helping out, please fill out this form (More information below). 
*Also, make sure to join our Baby Packs Facebook group! We will share updates and past reminders there. The group page is also a space for you to ask any questions and share your experience sewing this year.

2. Gather Town Speed Dating Social: Come out to our social this Sunday (2/21) from 2-3:30PM to get to know your fellow Rotaract members better! We will have chill spaces for hanging out, games, and more. You do not need to know how to use gather town; we will all meet on zoom and guide everyone through it!
Zoom link:

3. Valentine’s Day Bake Sale Pick Up: Our Valentine’s Day Bake Sale fundraising for Feeding America will be on Monday, (2/22) (Pickup Day)! The Pre Order Form is available here and closes on Thursday (2/18)! Our baked goods will include vegan and gluten options, and a free delivery option within the City of Davis (Delivery day will be Sunday, 2/21).
*We will need volunteers to help us bake, and volunteers can receive service hours! Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering for our bake sale. The form closes TODAY (2/16).

4. Rotaract General Meeting #6: The Campus Rotaract Club of Davis’ 6th General Meeting will be on Tuesday (2/23) from 7-8PM!!
Zoom link:

*Pro Dev Feedback Form for Future Events: After having both an Alumni panel and a Rotarian panel, we wanted to get YOUR feedback for future events! Tell us what you like, what could be adjusted, and what future events/activities you would like to see by filling out this form! Any and ALL feedback helps 🙂 

*#charitymiles: This week’s service challenge is still Charity Miles! Our service challenges are fun service tasks that anyone can participate in wherever you are and earn service points! Fill out this form to earn service points. Charity Miles is a free app that donates money to the charity of your choice whenever you run, walk, or bike. To participate: download the app, create a profile, choose one of the 40 charities to donate to, and start your journey! 

*Davis Community Meals & Housing: Davis community meals and housing provides individuals and families in need with housing services, food, and other community resources. They are currently looking for help with making meals and distributing them. Check out this link to sign up and volunteer! 

*Volunteer with FreeBites: FreeBites is a student startup that rescues food from being wasted to give to people who are dealing with food insecurities. “Our mission is to fight food insecurity and food waste by saving surplus to redistribute.” If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up here.

*Board Meetings: Our board meetings are held every Monday from 9PM and are open to the public for attendance! This is a great way to learn about how our club’s leadership works and find out more about each leadership position. 
Zoom link:

*Senior Rotaract Stoles: Attention graduating seniors!! Please fill out this google form if you are interested in buying or renting a Rotaract stole. Buying is $18 and renting is $9.

Baby Big Night: This year’s annual charity dinner will be held virtually, but we still need volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering for this event and being a part of the BBN committee, please fill out this quick form!

You See Davis:  YSD is our annual overnight Interact stay over event, which will be held virtually this year from April 10-11. However, we will still be holding workshops, team building events, and a community service event. Our committee meetings will be on Tuesdays at 8pm (right after the general meeting, with the same zoom link). If you would like to be a part of the planning process please come to our meetings! We are excited to see you all there.

This week, our selfie challenge is #LovelySweets! Post a sweet picture of your favorite Valentine’s Day Treat with the hashtag #LovelySweets and tag your fam! You can either post on our Facebook page, DM us on instagram @davisrotaract, or email our historians at [email protected]. Remember to add a hashtag with your family for family points!!

Selfie challenges are open to everyone (both members and nonmembers included)! Just remember to post before 7pm on Tuesday to be considered for the weekly prize! (we are still doing prizes during COVID; you’ll have to post and win to see what it is :)) 

Here are the current family standings:
1st Place:  Fire Fam(64 points)
2nd Place: Air Fam (63 points)
3rd Place: Water Fam (62.5 points)
4th Place: Earth Fam (60.5 points)

Each quarter, the families compete with each other for family points; here’s how to earn those points!
1) Family Selfies:
     – +1 point per person in each photo
     – At least 4 people

2) Family Photobomb:
     – -1 point per other family photobomb

3) Social Events:
     – +1 point per person who attends

4) Selfie Challenge:
     – +1 point per person who participates 
     – Make sure to hashtag your fam’s name when
       you post!!

5) Service Events:
     – +1point per hour of service

Pro Dev will be holding Office Hours! If you are looking for individual help on anything related to professional development, feel free to fill out this form and we will be happy to meet with you! Some ideas include resume, interview prep, and gathering resources.

You can also always email us with questions at [email protected]!

Are you interested in sewing baby packs? Don’t worry, there will be tutorial videos on how to make them! Our club is continuing our annual international project, Baby Packs, where we sew baby bibs and caps to send to mothers in Brazil. We plan on sending materials to interested members and meeting over zoom to make them together! If you are willing to help us sew, please fill out this form.

*Join our Baby Packs Facebook group! We will share updates and past reminders there. The group page is also a space for you to ask any questions and share your experience sewing this year!

*If you helped us sew last quarter and are in need of more materials for Baby Packs or are running short on fabric, please fill out this form!

*If you helped sew baby bibs on your own time and have yet to receive your service hours, please fill out this form!

Good luck with week 7 everyone! Power through those midterms/papers/projects!!!😄👍

Land Acknowledgement
Today, our Rotaract club introduced the practice of Land Acknowledgements to our org. We hope to make space to share why we practice this and the intentions and purpose behind it. 

What is a Land Acknowledgement?: It is a meaningful practice that recognizes and understands that the physical land that we stand on is stolen land. It is important to recognize that the land we occupy has been wrongfully stolen from Indigenous folx as a result of colonization. Colonialism is a current ongoing process, and as communities who live on this land now, it is essential that we build our mindfulness of our present participation in it. 
To find out what indigenous land you are on/from, please take a moment to check out this website.

However, it is also crucial to realize that practicing land acknowledgements is merely a starting point. We must do the best we can to further support Indigenous communities. Some examples of ways to provide support are by donating time/money to Indigenous organizations, supporting Indigenous-led grassroots movements/campaigns, committing to returning land, and being motivated to educate ourselves about colonial hxstories. 
Come as you are: We want to note that it is okay if you may not know everything about Indigenous communities or mindful practices. We are all learning, and we hope to grow together as a community. We want to affirm that you all are not alone – so come as you are, and we promise to stand by you. We are here to hold each other gently and with compassion, in order to help share our collective knowledge and build a network of care that is sustainable and inclusive of all folx and their differing walks of life.

Multi-Rotaract Club Social

We are currently collaborating with fellow Rotaract Clubs to host a multi-club service event with opportunities to network with other members, participate in social events, and have fun!

COVID-19 testing is available to all UC Davis students! Here is a page with more information and instructions for making a testing appointment.

Whether you are back in Davis or not, here is a link to Davis’ Coronavirus Campus Information.

Davis has started administering vaccinations! Here is the link to check vaccine availability and eligibility. Check which UC Davis phase and tier you are in: Phase 1B, Tier 1 are currently eligible for vaccines.

We are still requesting zoom social ideas for this upcoming quarter! If you have any ideas please submit them in this form!

As many events are moved online, we would like to get YOUR input on what Professional Development events you are interested in for this upcoming quarter and academic year! Please input your ideas here!

For more info on what we have been up to: check out last week’s update here and for more past updates check out our club updates page!

Subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly updates emailed to you or email our publicity directors. Email our directors of service, professional development, membership, or finance for more information about events, socials, or fundraisers! For general inquiries contact our President, Chris Galeno at [email protected] or our Vice President, Anh Tran at [email protected]! For information about selfie challenges contact [email protected]. 

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