Jobs for you!

All of the jobs below can be found at These jobs are also only applicable to UC Davis students only.

This list is not comprehensive, but just a few of the jobs offered. More jobs can be found at that may better fit your needs.

Every job is provided with A JOB ID#.To make use of this number, after logging into the site click “Shop For a Job”. Choose which funding sources you want to pull from, but make sure to include “UC Davis Jobs”. Once you’ve set your choices, choose the “Advanced Search” tab and enter the appropriate JOB ID # and then hit “Search!”

 Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

 Last updated: 5/26/09


Student Computer Tech for UCD Teaching Resources Center (JOB ID#31353)

$9.25/hr, 10 to 20 hours/week

Job Purpose

Assist TRC administrators and staff in maintaining and enhancing computer and tech support for all TRC programs.

Job Requirements

MINIMAL QUALIFICATIONS -Good working knowledge of Mac computer hardware and operating systems, including some experience with server support, maintenance and troubleshooting -Good knowledge of MS Office and other applications in Mac environment, including: FileMaker Pro, Dreamweaver, Firefox, Safari, etc. -Familiarity with web design using tools such as HTML, PHP, CSS, WordPress, etc. -Ability to learn new computer applications quickly -Good communication skills, including an ability to explain how to use computers and software in non-technical terms to novice users -Good organizational skills, reliability and attention to detail -Ability to work alone and in close collaboration with others DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS -Prior experience in providing technical support to individual faculty and/or staff. -Familiarity with WordPress (very desirable) and with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign (CS3), Swift Mailer, and Test Score (Scantron application software). -Familiarity with design and maintenance of online forms to support participant application process. -Working knowledge and troubleshooting experience with LocalTalk and Ethernet networks.

Assistant for UCD Intercollegiate Athletics (JOB ID#25325)

$8/hr, 10 to 19.5hr/week

Job Purpose

To manage the hydration needs of football players during practice and games.

Job Requirements

Must be dedicated, reliable, punctual, and professional. Please email Jeff Hogan at [email protected] if interested.

Black Family Week Student Coordinator (JOB ID#21914)

$1500 stipend, 6 to 7 hours/week

Job Purpose

To coordinate the planning and administration of Black Family Week programs that celebrate the educational, social and artistic achievements of people of African descent, foster positive self-concept, enhance cultural pride, and develop awareness and sensitivity in the community at large.

Job Requirements

Ability to work independently and cooperatively; have excellent organizational skills; dependable and motivated; excellent written and oral communication; computer literate; have an awareness of and sensitivity to issues specific to underrepresented communities. Must be in good academic standing. Previous successful leadership and event planning experience helpful but not required. Must participate in Fall Culture Days Training, September 17-18, 9am-6pm. Expected to enroll in EDU 160B, the required SPAC 2-unit group development and event planning course conducted Fall Quarter on Wednesdays, 2:10-4:00pm unless excused by supervisor.

Student Coordinator for Asian Pacific Culture Week/Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Program 2009-10 (JOB ID#12422)

$1500 stipend, 4 to 7 hours/week

Job Purpose

The APCW/APILP Student Coordinators works in the Student Programs & Activities Center to plan and present the 2010 Asian Pacific Culture Week and Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Program. Asian Pacific Culture Week.

Job Requirements

Applicants must have an interest and knowledge in Asian Pacific Islander culture/issues, excellent oral and written communications skills, good computer skills (Word, Excel, e-mail), effective skills in planning and organizing, working well with others and diverse communities and demonstrated experience in meeting deadlines and attention to detail. Previous successful leadership and event planning experience preferred, but not required. Must participate in Fall Culture Days Training, September 17-18, 9am-6pm. Expected to enroll in EDU 160B, the required SPAC 2-unit group development and event planning course conducted Fall Quarter on Wednesdays, 2:10-4:00pm unless excused by supervisor.







Membership Fulfillment Manager for UCD Alumni Relations (JOB ID#11755)

$8.75/hr, 10 to 19 hours/week

Job Purpose

This position is open for the 2009-10 academic year. Training will begin Spring 2009.

Job Requirements

Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Previous supervisory experience preferred. Must be able to oversee multiple projects, take initiative and motivate others. Incumbent should be outgoing, able to work independently, detail oriented and have a good knowledge of campus student activities, events and clubs. Excellent organizational skills. Ability to generate new ideas and resourcefully implement them. Experience with database and word processing programs such as Filemaker Pro, InDesign and Microsoft Office. Ability to work under tight deadlines when necessary. Excellent telephone etiquette to establish and maintain relationships with outside vendors, organizations and campus departments. Experience with standard office equipment and computers required. DEPENDABILITY IS CRITICAL.

Clerical Assistant for College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean’s Office (JOB ID#30203)

$8.25/hr, 8 to 20 hours/week

Job Purpose

Position provides administrative support for the Agricultural Sustainable Institute and Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

Job Requirements

-Valid California Drivers License -Ability to lift up to 15lbs -Excellent communications skills -Basic knowledge of and ability to use a PC Computer and Software including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, Access etc. -Must be detail oriented, doing task in a neat and orderly fashion -Ability to follow written and verbal instructions -Must have reliable transportation to arrive on time.

Computer Room Consultant Trainee (JOB ID# 11070)

$9.50/hr, 12 to 19.5 hours/week

Job Purpose

Computer room consultant.

Job Requirements

  • Must follow all Computer Room Consultant Expectations
  • Must have good customer service skills and experience
  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Must have basic knowledge of software installed in IET-ATS computer classrooms
  • Must follow and enforce CLM policies and procedures
  • May be required to work when not in academic related commitments (i.e., class, labs, discussions, clubs)
  • Must maintain UC Davis student status (enrolled, PELP, etc.)
  • Must work between 12.00 and 19.5 hours a week
  • Cannot work more than 19.5 hours a week for all University jobs combined
  • Must attend yearly Boot Camp Training


Go to 301 Surge IV to pick up an application or to print an application online, go to:

Student Assistant for UCD Extension Center (JOB ID#23498)

$9/hr, 10 to 15 hours/week

Job Purpose

To help demonstrate use of equipment, materials and software and to tutor international students in resource lab.

Job Requirements

Must be able to communicate in clear written and spoken English with international students. Must be able to type and edit written documents in clear English. Multi-lingualism and previous cross-cultural experience is a plus in this job. Must be able to follow instructions and work effectively on a team to support the smooth operation of the lab. Candidates must be punctual and neat in appearance. Work-study candidates welcome. Preference will be given to candidates who can start work in mid-June and continue into the next academic year(s) as intensive training is required to do the job.

Student Assistant for UCD Extension Center (JOB ID#21882)

$8.50/hr, 10 to 20 hours/week

Job Purpose

Assist IEPP students

Job Requirements

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with strong English skills with students from all over the world. Excellent customer service skills to assist international students in adapting to American culture. Ability to be flexible in participating in and guiding fieldtrips and events. Professional demeanor and ability to represent the department in various capacities. Must be able to lift and move boxes weighing up to 50 lbs. Must possess a valid CA driver’s license. This position will participate in the DMV Pull Notice System.

Information Assistant for MU Information Center (JOB ID#11009)

$8.50/hr, 5 to 19.5 hours/week

Job Purpose

Provide information to anyone on Campus who requires assistance.

Job Requirements

Knowledge of campus services. Ability to learn and disseminate large quantities of disparate information. Strong customer service skills, ability to work both independently and in a team environment with other students and professional staff; enthusiasm for helping others; ability to thrive in a hectic environment with constant interruptions. Experience with Macintosh computer. We expect the person(s) hired to be timely, reliable, friendly, and self motivated. Good communication and problems solving skills are essential. A SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION MUST BE FILLED OUT BEFORE AN APPLICANT CAN BE CONSIDERED.

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Understanding the Rotary Family

As a member of the Campus Rotaract Club of Davis, you are also a member of the greater Rotary Family. But what does that mean? This page helps explain the structure of the Rotary Family and how it affects you.


Individual Level –> Club Level –> District Level –> Multi-District Level –> International Level

Individual Level
The first step of the family is the indvidual level. That is you! As a member of Rotaract, you yourself represent our ideals of service above self. You belong directly to our club.

Club Level
This is the local club level that you see at general meetings and at most events. You belong to our club, and our club exists at the local Davis level. Our Board of Directors governs the club level.

District Level
The world of Rotary is divided in different Rotary “districts”. Our district number is District 5160 and spans from Redding all the way down to Berkeley. Other Rotary districts may be similar in size, or smaller than ours. In our district, there are currently four other Rotaract clubs: the Rotaract Club of Berkeley, the Rotaract Club of Chico, the Rotaract Club of Davis (this is the community club; not ours), and the Rotaract Club of Los Medanos-Brentwood. While there are no Rotaractors that govern the entire district, there is a Rotaract District Council, comprised of Rotaractors in our district, that exist to help out Rotaract clubs in our district, as well as to represent our district. 

Multi-District Level
Sometimes multiple districts band together under a common purpose to form a multi-district informational organization (MDIO). Examples of this include the United States-Canada-Caribbeans MDIO and the European MDIO. There is no governing Rotaract body at this level, however many MDIOs have councils that help facilitate the transfer of information.

International Level
Rotary International is the ultimate governing body of Rotary, Rotaract, and other Rotary programs. The international organization is headed by the executive branch with the Rotary International President, and followed by the legislature session of Rotary, where Rotary Districts send voting delegates to.


To find out more information about any of the levels, or to get involved outside of the club level, please contact the President at [email protected]

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Officer Applications for 2009-2010 are out!

Are you a paid member of the club? Are you interested in taking on a leadership position for the club? Then apply now to serve as a Rotaract officer for the 2009-2010 Rotary Year!

Officer applications are out! For more information about the process and to download the application, please go to apply to become an officer!

Officer applications are due by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, April 14, 2009.

Good luck!

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Meeting Times & Locations

This page lists all meeting times and locations.

If you have any questions, please email the President at [email protected]


 Meeting Name Description Times  Meeting Location
General Meetings Regular meetings for all members and prospective members. Tuesdays from 6:10 PM to 7:00 PM Young 194, on-campus
 Board of Directors meetings Meetings for Board of Directors to discuss and review club activities and operations.  Mondays from 9:10 PM to 10:00 PM Wellman 101, on-campus


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For our local community

Are you a member of the Yolo County community? Are you a local business leader? Then Rotaract can help you!

The Campus Rotaract Club of Davis is a not-for-profit student organization at the University of California-Davis which mobilizes students to do service to humanity and our local community. Members of the Rotaract club, or Rotaractors, engage in various service activities in Yolo County, as well as abroad. Some projects that we participate include, but are not limited to: tree plantings, food service at homeless centers, food service at charity benefit dinners, clothes and food drives, and much more!

Our Rotaract club, which is sponsored by the Rotary club of Davis-Sunrise, is commited to bettering our local community. We are always looking for more service projects to participate in, as well as to start. If you have a service project that you need help with, or if you have an idea for a service project, please do not hesitate to send us an email. You can contact our Service Directors at [email protected]

As a not-for-profit service organization, we also welcome any donations that can be made to our club. All donations–tangible items or monetary ones–will go towards helping either the local community or the international community. We your donations to help start service projects. You can also request that your donation go specifically towards a project for the local community. If you are interested in providing a donation for a good cause, please email our Finance Directors at [email protected]

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact our President at [email protected]

Thank you!

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Apply to be a Rotaract officer!

Apply to serve as a Rotaract officer during the 2010-2011 Rotary Year! The 2010-2011 Rotary Year begins on July 1, 2010 and ends at the end of June 30, 2011. 

Paid members are eligible to apply to serve as an officer of the club for the next Rotary Year! Applications are due by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, April 13th. Please submit them through email ([email protected]). You may also turn in a paper copy inside the Student Programs and Activities Center (SPAC) on the fourth floor of the Memorial Union in mailbox #13, or to a Rotaract officer during a general meeting. We will contact you to schedule a 10-15 minute interview. Interviews will take place during April. Thank you!


Description of Offices:

All of the positions listed below are for one to two people to fill. That means you can apply for any of these positions with a partner. If you apply with a partner, both you and your partner must turn in separate applications, however your interviews will be conducted together and you will be considered together as a team.

Director of Service
– To organize service events.
– To hold Service Committee meetings.
– To actively seek out service events at all times. 
– To act as the primary liason or point person between the Club and outside service organizations and partners.
– To coordinate district service projects and the district international project with Rotaract district leadership.
– To maintain service hours of all Rotaractors, and to report them to Membership.
– To maintain strong relationships with local service organizations.
– To deliver regular updates to the President and Vice President.
– To perform any other duties directed by the President or Vice President.

Director of Finance
– To maintain a record of the Club’s financial transactions.
– To provide regular update to the Board of Directors of status of club funds.
– To organize fundraising events for the Club.
– To hold Finance Committee meetings.
– To oversee and safeguard all monetary transactions made to and from the Club.
– To collect membership dues and maintain a record of paid members.
– To conduct business and maintain our agency account with the Student Programs and Activities Center (SPAC) Business Office.
– To ensure that the Club budget is balanced.
– To actively seek out grants, sponsorships, and donations for events.
– To deliver regular updates to the President and Vice President.
– To perform any other duties directed by the President or Vice President.

Director of Professional Development
– To maintain a strong relationship with the Sunrise Rotary Club.
– To organize professional development events.
– To hold Professional Development Committee meetings.
– To actively seek out professional development opportunities.
– To regularly survey and assess the professional development desires and needs of the Club.
– To maintain and actively grow a database of professional contacts for the Club.
– To maintain professional development hours of all Rotaractors, and to report them to Membership.
– To deliver regular updates to the President and Vice President.
– To perform any other duties directed by the President or Vice President.

Director of Membership
– To organize fellowships for club members.
– To organize icebreakers during general meetings.
– To hold Membership Committee meetings.
– To maintain a database of Rotaractors in the club, their membership level, contact information, fellowship hours, service hours, and professional development hours.
– To communicate with other Rotaract clubs and other organizations to organize joint fellowships.
– To record the minutes of each General Meeting and Board Meeting, and to publish these minutes to the Club.
– To actively seek out opportunities for member recruitment and member retention.
– To maintain fellowship hours of all Rotaractors.
– To deliver regular updates to the President and Vice President.
– To perform any other duties directed by the President or Vice President.

Director of Publicity
– To publicize all ongoing and future club events.
– To hold Publicity Committee meetings.
– To create and send out a weekly newsletter to club members of events and ways to get involved with the Club.
– To actively promote Rotaract and seek out new ways to promote the Club.
– To create publicity materials for club events.
– To maintain the Club’s Facebook group page, as well as create and maintain Facebook event pages for the Club.
– To create and send out press releases as directed by the President or Vice President.
– To reserve tables and spaces for tabling events.
– To deliver regular updates to the President and Vice President.
– To perform any other duties directed by the President or Vice President.

– To take visual records—in the form of photographs or videos—of club events.
– To hold History Committee meetings.
– To maintain an online gallery of photographs or videos of club events.
– To create and maintain a scrapbook of club events for the Rotary year.
– To create slideshows of club events to show to members.
– To collect club documents to preserve them for future records.
– To document club events and the club history.
– To document winners of awards.
– To deliver regular updates to the President and Vice President.
– To perform any other duties directed by the President or Vice President.

Duties & Requirements of all Officers:
– To be actively involved with the Service Committee.
– To provide assistance to fellow officers and members.
– To attend Board Meetings and General Meetings.
– To report the status of their events and actions to the President, Vice President, and Board of Directors.
– To maintain their respective committees by planning and chairing committee meetings
– To provide weekly updates to the Board regarding the status of their Committee, past projects, ongoing projects, and future projects.
– To promote awareness of Rotaract and the Club
– To follow the aforementioned duties of their respective position.
– To actively participate in the service events of the club.
– To meet all member requirements and be a paid member of the club.
– Be an enrolled student at the University of California-Davis.


Download a copy of the application here: Word Document

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Event Slideshows

Below is a catalog of the past slideshows for this Rotary year (July 2008 to July 2009). These slideshows, and other Rotaract videos, can also be found on our youtube page at



Winter Retreat

Quilting for Service


Bike Valet Parking @ AMGEN

 Baby Packs (2008 – 2009 year)



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We’re back..!

We are back!

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the release of our new website! We are back with our website with more information than ever! 

This new website, version 2.0, is organized by audience categories. If you are a visitor looking for more information about Rotaract or our club, then check out the Visitors tab. If you are a Rotarian, then please check out the Rotarian tab. Members should check out the Members tab for member information.

We will continue to update this website and start using the site more and more frequently to help centralize information.

Thank you for being a part of this club and making our success possible!

Warm regards,
Mitty Chang, President
Campus Rotaract Club of Davis

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